About Us

Pinterest Video Download is a free online Pinterest Video Downloader tool which helps you to download High Quality Videos, Images and GIFs from Pinterest in a few seconds by following simple steps. Pinterest Video Download is the best Pinterest Video Downloader tool and 100% safe to use.

The Videos, Images or GIFs you download from our tool are hosted on Pinterest's server and not ours. We don't host or save Videos, Images or GIFs on our servers and also we don't keep the history of the downloaded Videos, Images or GIFs. Using Pinterest Video Download is 100% anonymous and safe.

We use Google Ads on our website, in order to pay for our server and development charges to keep Pinterest Video Download alive. If you want to support us, just disable your Ad Blocker while using Pinterest Video Download.

This document was last updated on 5th June 2022 by the Pinterest Video Download Team.