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Pinterest Video Download is a free tool to download Pinterest Videos, Images and GIFs in high quality on any device for free. This is the best Pinterest Video Download tool.

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Just copy the Pinterest URL and paste it in the form below to get high resolution download link within seconds.

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You can download any Pinterest Video, Image or GIF in high resolution within seconds by using our free tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download Pinterest Videos, Images & GIFs?
Find any Pinterest Video, Image or GIF on Pinterest App or Pinterest Web, then copy the Pinterest URL by tapping on the "Share" icon and then "Copy Link" icon. Open Pinterest Video Download and paste the copied Pinterest URL and tap on the "Download" button.
Where are the Downloaded Media saved?
It depends on the Browser you're using. By default all the Downloaded files are saved in "Downloads" folder. You can view the list of all downloads by pressing "Ctrl+J" if you're on Windows, Mac or Linux.
Does Pinterest Video Download works on Mobile devices?
Yes, you can use our Pinterest Video Download tool on any device. You can easily download any Pinterest Video, Image or GIF directly to your device within seconds.
Do Pinterest Video Download stores downloaded media?
No, Pinterest Video Download does not stores downloaded media details. All videos, images and GIFs are hosted on Pinterest's servers. Also, we don't store any of our user's information, thus making Pinterest Video Download totally anonymous and secured.